Market Research & Program Readiness

Assessing your institution’s infrastructure

Having the infrastructure and specialized processes in place to handle an expansion is critical to the success of any online program. We perform a program readiness assessment prior to or in conjunction with the institutional readiness assessment to ensure your program curriculum is optimized for quality outcomes.

Pearson Embanet evaluates its academic partners in more than twenty areas including but not limited to:

  • Admissions processes
  • All areas of student support services
  • Faculty and staff resources
  • Program scalability

Creating a blueprint for success

Once our analysis is complete, we develop a plan for a successful online program. Using the institutional and program readiness assessment reports, your institution can effectively plan growth, validate the online expansion to stakeholders, and reduce risk for the entire university. Reports detail the current state of your program, its expected performance, and the resources you need to make it academically and financially successful.