Student Retention

Providing support for students throughout their experience

Even the most highly qualified students can experience difficulties learning or staying on track during their enrollment. That’s why all students receive personalized attention from a retention specialist throughout the duration of their degree programs.

This personalized attention ensures that students don’t fall behind, are able to find help when they need it, and re-enroll for the next semester. The service is a proven factor when it comes to retaining at-risk learners.

Responsibilities of retention specialists

Building personal relationships with each learner

Ensuring students remain engaged with the institution through to graduation

Improving student success with online tutoring

Students today are busier than ever, with many balancing coursework, full-time employment, and families. In an online learning environment, providing the quality academic help students need can be difficult. With online tutoring services from Smarthinking, students get on-demand, individual instruction and support from expert tutors across a wide variety of subjects, 24 hours a day. Research shows that online tutoring from Smarthinking positively impacts student success. You’ll see higher grades, improved course completion, and increased student retention. Our expert tutors consist of a diverse group of current and former educators and professionals with an average of nine years of teaching or tutoring experience. In fact, 90% of Smarthinking tutors hold Master’s degrees or PhDs in their fields. Tutors use a problem-solving based teaching style to help students learn so that they gain confidence in their skills and learn to handle future assignments on their own.