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It would be great to have one-on-one time with each student to get his or her reading improved by constantly challenging and rewarding student efforts. Because you’re so busy, we’ve created a way to keep students focused and accelerate their progress using comprehensive pre-assessments and a powerful adaptive study plan. Additionally, MyReadingLab is the only product that improves students’ reading through Reading Skills and Reading Level practice. Learn more about MyReadingLab or click on an image below for additional solutions to support a specific model. 



MyWritingLab is an online practice, tutorial, and assessment program that provides engaging experiences for teaching and learning. Available for both developmental writing and composition courses. MyWritingLab includes most of the writing assignments from your accompanying textbook. Now, students can complete and submit assignments, and teachers can then easily track and respond to submissions—right in MyWritingLab—making the response process easier for the instructor and more engaging for the student. Learn more about MyWritingLab or click on an image below for additional solutions to support a specific model.



In an ideal world, an instructor could sit with each student to discuss reading and writing skills and give individual direction. Without that luxury, MySkillsLab can provide students with personalized and adaptive instruction, with integrated learning aids that foster student understanding of skills and ideas. Learn more about MySkillsLab or click on an image below for additional solutions to support a specific model. 


Pearson Writer

Reimagine writing and research help with Pearson Writer, an online and mobile solution that provides reliable answers to students’ writing and research questions anytime, anywhere, from their mobile phones, tablets and computers. Intuitive and easy-to-use, Pearson Writer is intended to support a critical skill—writing—for anyone, regardless of skill level, subject, or discipline. Learn more about Pearson Writer or click on an image below for additional solutions to support a specific model. 


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View exemplary, data-driven case studies, selected from a range of English reading and writing programs, that highlight successful course redesign implementations and results.

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