Co-requisite / Accelerated Learning Model for English

MyWritingLab with Accelerated Learning

MyWritingLab with Accelerated Learning includes a suite of assignments tailored to fit the needs of students who may need additional support to complete the reading and writing assignments for the Freshman Writing Course. These assignments are housed within MyWritingLab and provide scaffolded reading and writing support, and just-in-time grammar remediation. In addition to the writing assignments and readings from the Composition text, the instructor has the option of assigning supporting questions at the developmental level.

Available Titles

  • MyWritingLab with Reid—The Prentice Hall Guide to College Writers, 10th Edition
  • MyWritingLab with Reinking/von der Osten—Strategies for Successful Writing, 10th Edition
  • MyWritingLab with Nadell—Longman Writer, 9th Edition
  • MyWritingLab with Skwire/Wiener—Student's Book of College English, 14th Edition MyWritingLab with Johnson-Sheehan/Paine—Writing Today, 3rd Edition
  • MyWritingLab with Faigley—Writing: A Guide for College and Beyond, 4th Edition

Pearson Writer

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