Modular/Lab-based Model for English

A modular approach breaks the learning sequence into smaller pieces referred to as modules or units. Technology is often used to facilitate students’ progress through the course content to create an accelerated learning sequence, so this model is often, but not always, implemented through use of a computer lab.

Pearson offers technology solutions to support modules across the curriculum: MyWritingLab™, MyReadingLab™, MySkillsLab®, and MyFoundationsLab®. Each program offers adaptive tools to give students a personalized learning experience, while allowing them to move through course content
at an accelerated pace.

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MyWritingLab, MyReadingLab and MySkillsLab


Course options


Basic Sentence and Grammar Practice, Sentences and Paragraphs, Paragraphs and Essays, Essays and Research

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Fundamentals, Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced, and Comprehensive (includes Introductory, Intermediate, and Advance.

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Fundamental, Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced

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MyFoundationsLab is a competency-based, online assessment and skill-building program designed to improve academic preparedness and accelerate learning in reading, writing, and mathematics. This one learning environment enables learners of varying abilities and educational entry points to identify and fill academic gaps at their own paces. Content is arranged by module for each student to master the requisite skills to successfully pursue postsecondary degree paths, reduce placement in developmental studies, save critical financial aid, and accelerate time to completion.

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Adaptive Learning and Acceleration in MyFoundationsLab

Students get started in MyFoundationsLab by taking a Path Builder diagnostic assessment, designed to cover developmental math and English competencies. Based on their Path Builder results, students then receive a personalized set of content modules, in a format called the Learning Path. Each content module in a student’s Learning Path covers a general concept such as “Basic Grammar.” Once inside a module, a student takes a shorter diagnostic, called a Skills Check, which defines the exact topics a student needs to understand in order to prove mastery for the module. These topics, for example, might include “Verbs” or ideas related to the larger module concept.

Course Options

MyFoundationsLab for Health Professions

Offers examples contextualized to allied health professions for students to successfully pursue and complete occupational training and establish themselves in high-demand health care professions.

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MyFoundationsLab for Career Readiness

Includes basic academics plus a Career Readiness module aligned to WorkKeys® to help learners build the competencies needed to improve employability, attain a Florida Ready to Work credential, earn a National Career Readiness Certificate, or establish themselves in high-demand careers. The 2014 update is aligned with the benchmarks for the National Reporting System for Adult Education.

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Customizable to the goals of your program, MyFoundationsLab offers diagnostic assessment, personalized learning paths, and interactive online instruction for reading, writing, math, study skills, and English for non-native speakers.

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MyFoundationsLab for Student Success

Designed for programs that aim to identify and fill students’ academic gaps and build critical personal and professional soft skills for ongoing postsecondary success.

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MyFoundationsLab for GED® Prep

Empowers test candidates to target their efforts and build requisite skills to successfully pass each of 2014 GED® tests—Reasoning through Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Social Studies, and Science—on their first attempt.

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