Modular Model for Math

A modular approach breaks the learning sequence into smaller pieces referred to as modules or units. Technology is often used to facilitate students’ progress through the course content to create an accelerated learning sequence, so this model is often, but not always, implemented through use of a computer lab.

Our all-in-one MyMathLab options are available for modular course sequences that begin with basic math or prealgebra. Printed textbook and/or workbook options are available for each. We can also create custom solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of your modular program. Many of the solutions listed below contain a learning path that guides students through the resources and assignments in the course, ensuring that the learning happens in the right order. We can create a learning path that’s right for your modular course. Contact your Pearson rep for more information!

Basic Through Intermediate Algebra

Prealgebra through Intermediate Algebra