Non-course-based Remediation Model

In the non-course-based remediation model, remediation and review happen outside the confines of a semester-based course. The structure and length of non-course-based options varies and includes boot camps, bridge programs, and other non-semester-based programs. Because the learning sequence is completed quickly, non-course-based remediation is a popular model for accelerated learning.

Many institutions are successfully implementing non-course-based offerings for a variety of program types:

  • Programs to help students bypass some or all developmental courses
  • Programs to help “bubble students” receive additional review before taking, or re-taking, a placement test
  • Intervention Programs to help students who are struggling in the developmental sequence.

Solutions for the Non-course-based Remediation Model


MyMathTest is an online tool that assesses students’ strengths and identifies knowledge gaps— and then provides a personalized study plan with extra practice and tutorial support. With MyMathTest, instructors can create online assessments starting with our premade test options—or create your own assessments tailored to the needs of your program.

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MyLab Math

MyLab Math is the leading online tutorial and assessment tool for teaching and learning mathematics. MyLab Math improves results by providing engaging experiences and personalized learning for each student so learning can happen in any environment. Plus, it offers flexible and time-saving course management features to allow instructors to easily manage their classes while remaining in complete control, regardless of course format.

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