Academic Executives

Propero keeps students connected to your institution

With over-enrollment and decreasing budgets, it can be difficult to maintain high student retention and graduation rates. Many institutions lose enrolled students to attractive online, “self-paced” offers that end up isolating the student and, in many cases, doing more harm than good.

We understand that the student-institution relationship is critical to student success. Propero enables students to stay enrolled at their institution of choice while giving them the flexibility they need to complete a course of study at the pace that is right for them, even if instructor-led courses are overbooked or unavailable. 

Propero offers a flexible partnership model that allows institutions to control admission, utilize existing school policies, and align to their current offerings. 

We understand the issues institutions are facing

  • Rising costs: Tuition, on average, increases by 8% each year, meaning that the cost of college nearly doubles every nine years. The average student graduates with $24,000 of debt. 
  • Limited access: Capped enrollment prevents many students from entering the classes they need.
  • Wasted credits: Four-year students who normally need 120 credits to graduate are instead amassing an average of 136.5 units.