Engage students with open-ended questions to develop critical thinking skills

Submit questions that require numerical, algebraic, textual, graphical, or multiple-choice responses. Open-ended questions require students to provide their own answer before the correct response is shared by the instructor, encouraging higher-level thinking and giving you a clearer view into what students are really thinking.  

Encourage group learning

Automatically group students for discussion of a question based on their responses and location, regardless of class size.  

Encourage team-based and collaborative learning for all students

Provide students with the structure for team-based and collaborative learning by engaging in discussion, articulating arguments, and resolving differences to reach a team consensus answer.

Bring in-person interactions to traditional, flipped, and online settings

Augment a traditional lecture, drive active learning in a flipped classroom, or bring the benefits of in-person interactions to completely asynchronous online courses.  

Use technology in the classroom to find out where students are struggling

Identify misconceptions and monitor responses to find out where students are struggling. Use any device to keep track of how students are progressing in real time without being tethered to the podium.

Fully integrated with Mastering and most MyLab products