MyVirtualLife offers two simulations in one. The first half of the program allows students to parent a child from birth to age 18, making decisions on the child’s behalf. Once the virtual child turns 18, the student user’s perspective flips for the second half of the program, which enables students to live a simulated life and see the impact of their first-person decisions over the course of a lifetime.

Key features

A holistic, immersive experience in lifespan development

With hundreds of potential questions and coordinated artwork that details changes in appearance, the two simulations of MyVirtualLife let students take a comprehensive look at a full lifetime of physical, emotional, and social development. 

The full spectrum of life’s choices

With its recent content update, MyVirtualLife now features same-sex relationships, a wide variety of options for starting a virtual family, greater customizability of one’s area of study and career, and more.

Live your life

Where will you go to college? What career would you like to pursue? How will you manage your money and maintain your health? MyVirtualLife allows students to chart their own path forward and see how their choices play out across a full lifetime. With reports at the conclusion of each stage of life, students are able to pinpoint the trials and successes of their development.

Includes MyVirtualChild content

The same variable-based platform guarantees a unique experience for each student. With key questions and events from MyVirtualChild built into the first half of the program, MyVirtualLife is a great value for all users.