Nutrition: From Science to You, 3rd Edition

Joan Salge Blake, Boston University

Kathy D. Munoz, Humboldt State University

Stella Volpe, University of Pennsylvania

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Nutrition: From Science to You, 3rd Edition
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A clear and personal approach to nutrition

Nutrition: From Science to You provides the tools your students need to understand the science of nutrition and successfully apply it in their personal lives and future careers. This text personalizes nutritional information to engage students in the subject matter, while retaining the scientific rigor needed for academic success. Innovative pedagogical features aid study and review, illustrate key concepts, highlight the importance of nutrition in overall health, and explore the insights of nutrition scientists and other professionals in the field of nutrition.

The Third Edition combines research-based content, clear explanations, learning outcomes, and new and revised Focus Figures, Health Connections, and case studies with the power of MasteringNutrition, to help you show your students how to make critical connections, master concepts through online practice and assessment, and increase their overall understanding of nutrition.