Downloading and using instructor resources

Signing in to our catalog allows you to download resources to help you teach your course — electronic files for presentations, instructors' manuals, premium LMS content, test item files, TestGen software, and more. (Note that resources available vary for each title.)

Here's some information to help you download and use these resources.



Getting access

Downloadable resources are located within our online catalog on most textbooks' product pages, under the “Resources" tab.

Click on a filename to download the file. You will be prompted sign in to confirm your identity as a registered instructor. If you already have access to other Pearson online products, try signing in with your Pearson username.

If your existing username and password do not work, or if you have never had access to a Pearson product, request access online. If we are able to verify your employment as a college instructor, you will receive an email with instructions on how to register.

Tip: To save time, use your existing Pearson username and password (if you have one) during the registration process. Your account information on record will be filled in automatically and your instructor resource access will be added to your existing username.

Since our catalog contains test banks and solution manuals, it is important that you prevent students from using your account! To ensure the security of instructor resources from students, do not share your username and password with anyone, and never leave your computer unattended while you are logged in. Sign out anytime you leave your computer unattended.