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Empower students to own their learning

  • Badges drive students to take ownership of their learning.
  • Dynamic project-based learning templates give students voice and choice.
  • Student dashboards encourage self assessment.
  • Self evaluations help students assess their interest, effort, and understanding.
  • Self-paced courses motivate students to learn at their own pace.

Build a dynamic learning experience

  • Easily pair open educational resources, such as Khan Academy and Gooru, with GradPoint courses and your own content.
  • Build just-right assessments from hundreds of test items & norm-referenced clinical assessments.
  • Monitor student progress at a glance with intuitive teacher dashboards.
  • Meet the needs of every learner with over 300 courses—core, elective, AP®, honors, state and national test prep, BASI™, and more.
  • Simplify your shift to digital learning with GradPoint’s third-party integration, single sign-on, and superior service and support options.