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Improve graduation rates for all learners

Blended learning with GradPoint personalizes education for every student.

Graduation Rate

for 2012-13 Val Verde Academy

Graduation Rate

for 2013-14 Val Verde Academy

Graduation Rate

for 2013-14 State of California

Val Verde Academy – Moreno Valley, California

A Closer Look

Val Verde Academy experienced


growth in graduation rate — five points higher than the state of California.

A second-chance high school uses GradPoint, an individualized digital learning solution, to help at-risk students graduate.

Mountain Education Charter High School (MECHS) – Cleveland, Georgia

A Closer Look

Another great advantage of the digital learning solution is that it offers individualized, self-paced instruction in keeping with the school’s educational approach.

GradPoint “is really about the individual student, and that is the best part of it,” says Sheri Hardin, Assistant School Superintendent.

“We love GradPoint because it allows our teachers to customize the courses for personalized learning.”

— Vanessa Karwan, Principal, Val Verde Academy

Impact on state tests

Through blended learning with GradPoint, an individualized high school program meets the needs of its diverse students and increases the percentage of students passing their end-of-course tests.

Percentage of students who passed Louisiana's End-of-Course tests by subject:

Aiken Virtual Program – Alexandria, Louisiana

A Closer Look

“GradPoint’s rigorous curriculum, combined with the personalized support from the AVP faculty, prepares students for postsecondary education and the 21st-century workplace.”
— Jenifer Scott, Principal, AVP

A blended learning high school uses technology to increase teacher-student interaction. The result? High percentages of 11th grade students scoring at Level 3 or above on the Smarter Balanced Assessment.

Percentage of 11th Graders Scoring at Level 3 or Above, Smarter Balanced Assessment, 2014-2015+



Hawaii Tech Academy – Waipahu, Hawaii

A Closer Look

  • Hawaii Technology Academy used GradPoint and big goals to deliver big results.
  • Increased students’ face time with teachers, both to motivate students and to provide personalized support.
  • Gradually transitioned to an enriched virtual model of blended learning, which combines face-to-face classes, synchronous virtual instruction, and independent online course work.
  • Created a flexible digital curriculum, which would be appropriate for HTA’s multiple sites.
  • Revised schedules to help teachers build connections with their students.
  • Increased student engagement and enabled students to focus more intently on each class.

Reaching all learners

Online learning program helps students recover credits and discover new interests.



Options High School – Bellingham, Washington

A Closer Look

It’s more than just credit recovery at Options High School. The district uses a customized GradPoint Math unit as a middle school bridge program and as part of a growing summer school offering.

“When making the switch to GradPoint last year, we opened up most of the GradPoint portfolio of course offerings. Students were then able to fill in any graduation gap no matter what their need.”

— Byron Gerard, Principal, Options High School