Instructional Services

Ensure sustainability with instructional support

What does this support look like?

Help your teachers provide more personalized learning with grading or tutoring support. Or use our certified online teachers to resolve staffing challenges and provide more course options for your students. If your educators need extra resources, we’ve got you covered.


LiveLesson® is an interactive platform for online instruction that helps teachers bring the virtual classroom to life. They can expand learning beyond the curriculum content, provide targeted intervention, or lead lesson reviews in real time. Its engaging features — including webcams, polls, video and document sharing, whiteboards, and breakout sessions for group work — allow students to interact and collaborate with each other and empower them to become active learners.


When students need a quick answer, LiveTutor is there to help. For further explanation of a concept or help with specific problems, students can use the Connexus®EMS platform to connect with a live online teacher. Tutors are available for math, English, social studies, science, and elementary subjects, but do not help with tests or quizzes. LiveTutor keeps learners from getting stuck and eases the burden on your district staff.

On-Demand Certified Instructional Support

Available for certain courses*, a teacher certified in a particular subject area can provide instructional support when it’s needed. Certified Instructors will:

  • Respond to student-initiated chat messages and telephone calls.
  • Answer student questions through the ConnexusEMS’s secure, proprietary email service.
  • Provide grading feedback on submitted assignments.
  • Finalize the student’s grade based on coursework.

Certified Online Teachers

Add new teachers to your staff. With this level of instructional support, students receive both personalized learning and classroom instruction from a state-certified teacher who is a subject-matter expert trained extensively in online learning techniques.

Certified Online Teachers will:

  • Engage and instruct students in a real-time, virtual classroom.
  • Track student progress and adjust lesson plans based on individual needs.
  • Provide individual support via email, chat, phone, and LiveLesson technology.
  • Become part of the school — instructing, encouraging, and supporting partner students.

*Speak to your Online & Blended Learning Regional Manager for a list of available courses.

Review our Licensing Options to help you choose the right level of support services for your program.