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Online learning expands choices and opportunities

Students’ needs are increasing, but your resources aren’t. That’s why innovative education leaders are turning to online courses to bridge the gap.

Pearson Connexus offers the widest range of content for K–12 learners with hundreds of proven, standards-aligned, online courses at a variety of course levels. We also provide pathways to fit several instructional settings, including summer school, flipped, project-based, and online and blended learning.

Courses for every student

With Pearson Connexus, you can meet the needs of every learner right where they are.


Educators differentiate instruction and modify assignments and assessments for each learner. Students receive system- and teacher-generated feedback to help them master content before moving on.

We also offer Academic courses that are student driven, fostering self-paced online learning with immediate, automated feedback that allows students to adjust their own learning paths.


Foundation courses deliver the same great instruction as our Academic courses, but they take greater time to focus on core concepts, differentiate assignments, and provide additional practice and review for better student understanding.

Credit Recovery

Improve graduation rates with credit recovery courses that deliver essential content to address readiness standards. Lesson pacing is prescribed based on a student’s pre-test results to keep the learner engaged, and these online learning courses require little to no teacher grading.

Explore our courses by grade level

Pathways for every instructional setting

Our pathways determine how students interact with and navigate through a course. Select the pace and structure that best fits your program’s online and blended learning needs.


Courses in this pathway guide students through all elements of the lessons using best practices in teaching and require students to master content before moving on. Sequential courses are ideal for first-time instruction, situations in which time in course is important, and the fulfillment of NCAA rules and regulations.


Courses in this pathway allow students to self-direct learning and progress through the material openly, in any order. Flex courses are ideal for self-paced remediation, blended learning support, and supplemental curriculum for teachers who want to fold online lessons into their courses.


Courses in this pathway require students to begin each full-length course with a pre-test to check for mastery of each objective in that module, then move through the lessons in a prescribed format based on pre-test results.

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