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Gain a better understanding of digital learning and why schools and districts across the country are implementing it to provide personalized, interactive learning to more students than ever before.

Take Your Technology to the Next Level

Learn how the SAMR Model — which stands for Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition — can help you classify how technology in schools impacts teaching and learning.

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Why It Doesn't Matter Which Devices Your School Has

Mickey Revenaugh explains why a device’s format, brand, and even vintage mean much less than how's used in the classroom. Don't give in to the fear of owning lame electronic devices.

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Discovering What Students Really Want From Mobile And Digital Learning

See how students are actually learning with mobile/digital devices and the Internet – and how they want you to help and empower them.

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Interactive learning enables elementary Spanish program

Integrating technology in schools helps a rural district expand educational opportunities and increase student engagement.

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