Next-Level Personalization

After the shift, set inspiring long-term goals

Build a personalized learning framework

No two personalized learning programs look exactly alike. Your program framework will depend on your chosen or available technology, your community of digital learning supporters, and the needs of your particular student population.

To ensure your long-term success, you’ll need to address a few strategic questions.

  • Who will our program serve and what are their needs? Keep your program student centered and move away from a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • How do we select or validate program choices for personalized learning? State your long-term strategy early on in the process so that everyone is looking toward the same level of scalability and sustainability.
  • How will we test and validate our program design? Successful innovations require thinking differently about design — and that might require some trial and error. Build in checkpoints to review student data and experiences and confirm that you’re improving learning outcomes.

Next-level technology use

Is there room for innovation in your online and blended learning program? Pearson, in collaboration with Digital Promise, studied how innovative schools currently use technology in the classroom. If you’re like most of the schools we surveyed, you’ll recognize the potential to use it more often and in more transformative ways. Here are a few suggestions based on the survey results.
  • Push beyond substitution and use technology to redefine and enhance your classroom tasks to provide more active learning experiences.
  • Invest in professional development that supports teachers’ use of technology in more student-centered ways.
  • Focus on integrating technology through lesson planning.


Gain a better understanding of digital learning and why schools and districts across the country are implementing it to provide personalized, interactive learning to more students than ever before.

Creating an Environment for Next-Level Personalization

We’ve identified some key practices of forward-thinking, student-centered schools. How many of them are evident in your district?

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District Wide Personalization Implementation and Impact

Hear how one district introduced online learning to empower both teachers and students. Principal Kristy Hart reveals their biggest successes as well as some of the lessons they've learned along the way.

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Planting and Nurturing Personalized Learning that Scales

Get quick, practical tips for personalizing learning around each student — and doing it at scale! Discover what works the students, teachers, and parents in your learning environment.

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