Pearson Mathematics, 2nd Edition is written to cover the Australian curriculum 8.4 and the current Victorian curriculum, released in 2017.

  • Year Levels 7–10
  • Curriculum ACT, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA
  • Subject Mathematics
  • Resource Formats Print, Digital

What it is

Pearson Mathematics, 2nd Edition features updated texts, activities, and design throughout resources that include:

  • a student book and accompanying eBook
  • the Lightbook Starter innovative digital assessment platform
  • a homework program with 30 double-sided worksheets
  • a teacher companion with a wealth of teacher support.

How it helps


Questions that foster creativity: Challenge learners with open-ended questions that encourage creative mathematics thinking.

Activities designed to drive learning: Encourage learners to interact with course content with activities developed specifically to improve learner engagement.

Content mapped to learners: Teach learners appropriately with clearly marked material differentiation for year 10 and 10A content.


Satisfy the needs of the curriculum: Introduce coding activities aligned with the Victorian Curriculum Mathematics syllabus

Effective skill-building exercises: Develop learners’ transferable and explicit maths skills to set them up for years 7–10 and beyond.

Up-to-date and relevant activities: Build student knowledge of the world around them with activities informed by the latest research and real-life data.

What it includes

Discover how Pearson Mathematics, 2nd Edition improves teaching outcomes.


Student books

This edition has been designed to help build transferable skills as well as explicit maths skills, to set learners up for years 7–10 and beyond. It includes:

  • differentiated questions, activities and design
  • full coverage of the Australian Curriculum v8.4: Mathematics and the 2017 Victorian Curriculum
  • clear differentiation and extra foundation level questions in all exercises to cater for students of all abilities
  • content to promote creative thinking, including an extensive range of:
    • maths games
    • investigations
    • problem-solving tasks
    • revision activities
    • practice questions
    • technology explorations.


eBooks & Lightbook Starter

eBook and Lightbook Starter digital assessment platforms build on the student book with a variety of special features. 

  • The eBook allows learners and educators to read course content, take notes, and save bookmarks anywhere, anytime.
  • Lightbook Starter consolidates student learning and gives you the power to track their progress with ease.


Homework programs

The 7–10 homework programs each contain 30 double-sided, tear-out worksheets for students to practise and revise mathematical concepts. Answers to the sheets can be found in the complimentary teacher resources in the eBook.


Teacher companions

Teacher companions make lesson prep and implementation easy by:

  • combining full student book pages with a wealth of teacher support
  • helping you meet the demands of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics and Victorian Curriculum.

Samples & downloads

Tools and materials to help you unlock Pearson Mathematics.

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