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  • A scenic view of a small Italian town by the water.

    Top 10 Tips for Studying Abroad

    Emma Karant

    In the summer of 2022, I was fortunate enough to study abroad in Florence, Italy! This was a very exciting experience for me, but mixed in with the excitement was a feeling of fear of the unknown. I did not feel prepared going into this new experience. Because of this, I have made a list of 10 tips everyone should know before studying abroad!

    1. Keep a journal

    This is something that I did not do, but I really wish that I did! However, my roommate kept a journal and wrote in it every day. Even if it was a little entry, it helped her remember all of the small things that happened that we sometimes forget about!

    2. Bring comfortable shoes

    Wearing comfortable shoes is one of the biggest pieces of advice I can give! On most days, I was averaging 20,000 steps! Trust me, your feet will thank you!

    3. Make new friends

    Although the whole experience may be very intimidating, remember to keep an open mind! Make friends with people who you would not expect to be friends with. I didn't know anyone when I flew to Florence, however, I kept an open mind and tried to meet as many people as possible!

    4. Go to new places

    Especially in Europe, traveling to other nearby countries is fairly easy and cheap compared to being in the United States. My best advice would be to take advantage of this! Traveling to other countries on the weekend was very common, and it was really cool to be able to see different parts of Europe other than where I stayed!

    5. Have a budget

    With all of that being said, it is essential to have a budget. It is best to research the average prices for things where you are studying, and then base a budget on that, as well as how much you can afford. It can be very easy to spend too much money when you are abroad, so it is essential to do this before you leave!

    6. Always have some cash

    Lots of places in Europe are cash only, so it is helpful to have cash on you at all times just in case. I suggest getting this at your bank before you go abroad because it can be expensive to make this transfer outside of the United States!

    7. Send postcards back home

    This is a small tip that I wish I did more. Since we traveled on the weekends, I wish that I sent my family a postcard from each country or town that we visited, and then kept one for myself! This is a small way to keep your family or friends updated with your travels, and it gives you a tangible thing to have from each place that you visit!

    8. Learn a little of the native language

    It is really helpful if you try to learn at least a few words and phrases of the language that people speak in the country you will be staying in! Although many big cities such as Florence, Rome, and Paris can understand English well, it can be very helpful to try and learn the language while you are there, and it helps you understand the culture better!

    9. Do not be afraid to ask for help

    Although sometimes this may be scary, do not be afraid to ask for help from your professors or people you may meet in passing! Being in a new country can be confusing at times, and it is okay to ask people how to do something or how to get somewhere!

    10. Remember to rest!

    Although studying abroad is so much fun, remember to rest while you are there! You want to take care of yourself, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get some sleep and have downtime!

    Most importantly, remember to have fun! Studying abroad is one of the most incredible things I have ever done, and I would not change my experience for anything. Soak up the moments that you are there because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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  • Three female college students stand outside on their campus with their backpacks. They are wearing facemasks.

    Ten Ways to Make the Most of Your Day

    Emma Karant

    Online classes seem to make life easier for some students, but for others, such as myself, online classes have drastically changed the set schedules that we once had. Having a schedule, including being on campus and attending class in person, gives many of us a feeling of stability and productivity. So how do we produce this feeling in our lives when a lot of our classes are still online?

    1. Wake up early

    If you wake up early, you can give yourself enough time to have a productive day and fit in everything you need to do from work, school, and being with friends and family!

    2. Start the day by making your bed

    When I start my day by making my bed, it makes me get up and move in the morning and stay up. Additionally, I am not as tempted to get back in bed throughout the day and take a nap or do nothing. This gives me more time to get things done throughout the day and be productive, especially when classes are online, and we don’t have to leave our rooms.

    3. Stay off your phone for as long as possible in the morning

    I know, out of habit, I normally check my phone as soon as I wake up. But, when I do this, it leaves me feeling stressed because I see all the things I need to do. Instead, aim to stay off your phone until you are ready for your day!

    4. Create a daily schedule

    Especially when we do not have a full schedule of in person classes, it helps to make a schedule for yourself that would be like one you had pre-COVID. The most important thing about this is to be consistent because it will help you ease back into the adjustment of having an in-person class schedule. Check out this blog with tips to help students stay organized.

    5. Make a to-do list

    I like to write down a weekly list for myself at the beginning of every week, so I know what I must do each day. This helps me not forget anything important and it feels good to check things off a list!

    6. Go to work out classes

    Working out helps you to feel good, but it can sometimes be hard to find time in your day to work out if you do not have a set schedule. I have found that going to work out classes, whether it is with your school or a company, helps you create a schedule for yourself. If you find a class you like, you can go every week to help yourself get into a pattern!

    7. Have self-care time

    Although it is important to be productive, to make the most out of your day you must remember to take time for yourself. Whether this is going on a walk, journaling, doing something you enjoy, or resting, it will help you feel motivated to work hard later!

    8. Don’t overwork yourself all in one day

    When I procrastinate, I get incredibly stressed. Even if I finish everything on time, when I am done, I never feel productive because of how stressed I was. To try and avoid this, break up your work throughout the week. If you do a little bit of work every day, it will make you feel more productive and less stressed! Check out this blog for more tips for time management.

    9. Try a new healthy food

    Eating healthy food can help you feel more energized and ready to go for your day! Without this, you will not have enough energy to continue your motivation throughout the remainder of the day. Check out these blogs by college students with tips on nutrition and meal prepping tips.

    10. Make time in your day for your social life

    Although getting work done and being productive is important, a part of productivity is being with people you love.

    There are many ways to make the most of your day. While it is up to you how you choose to organize your time, these are just a few examples of great ways to ensure that you make the most of each day. For more tips on how to succeed in online classes, visit this blog.

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