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    Balancing College with Parenthood

    Linda Roman

    College can feel overwhelming. Registering for classes, getting books, finding a classroom, and just finding your way around campus. In my scenario, it gets overwhelming because I need to work with my kids’ schedule as well as my class schedule. Here’s how I balance college life with two kids!

    Online Learning

    For my lifestyle, I rely heavily on online classes, which give me the flexibility to plan accordingly around my two kids. Having a schedule is essential to stay on task and meet deadlines, which helps me meet family responsibilities as well as college tasks and time management.

    Organize with Planners

    Organization is the key to success. Having a planner, calendar, or a digital planner helps me stay on top of assignments, exams, and family commitments. I have a planner at my desk, so I can see everything coming up for the work week. I also use a digital calendar on my phone where I can see everything at a glance - my kid’s appointments, school events, doctor’s appointments as well as my class assignments. Staying organized helps me stay positive and not get overwhelmed by all the different events happening.

    Establish Support

    Balancing college with two kids can be challenging, but it's possible with efficient time management and support. My husband is my support system. He takes over when I have a work meeting or watches one of our kids when the other one has an appointment. My professors can also be a part of my support network. The most important factor here is communicating, whether it’s with your professors or significant other, about your situation. Most of my past professors have been understanding and offered flexibility or accommodations when an emergency came up.

    Practice Self-Care

    Finally, don't forget to take care of yourself. Find time for self-care activities to maintain your overall well-being. For me, I find time to go to the gym at least four times a week and weight train. It helps me feel stronger and it helps me mentally, to focus on myself.

    Whether it’s enrolling in online classes, utilizing planners, leaning on your support network, or taking time for yourself, it is possible to balance pursuing your college education with parenthood. Find what works best for your situation and reach for your goal!

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