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    Building Connections with Your Professors

    Zoë Banen

    As the new semester begins, reach out to your professors and get to know them as best you can. Not only is this important for getting help in class, but it’s also great for networking purposes. A professor’s job is to help you succeed, so never feel uncomfortable reaching out for support in a class you may be struggling in. Attending office hours is a great way to do this. Office hours allow you to have a few minutes of one-on-one time with your professor to ask any specific questions you may have about the course. Building a relationship with your professor also allows you to have a great resource on campus. Networking is an important skill to have as a college student. Once you graduate, those connections you make become useful in finding you a job for the future. 

    Easing anxieties

    I met one of the most significant professors in my life during a writing course that I was not even remotely excited to take. I didn’t particularly love writing or find myself very good at it. I felt instant dread for this class. The course involved spending the semester writing a long research paper. I had never written a research paper before in my college career, so I was worried. I found myself stressing about my grade and wondering if I would even pass. Rather than allowing my anxiety to control me, I reached out to my professor. 

    Professor Reardon instantly calmed my nerves. She was a kind, understanding, and enthusiastic professor. I expressed my reservations about her class and she told me I had nothing to worry about. She gave me tons of tips and tricks for writing a research paper, and even gave me sample papers to read for inspiration. I had never experienced a professor that was so motivated and interested in the subject they taught before. Professor Reardon truly wanted me to succeed in her class and utilized all of her resources to help me do so. It was refreshing to see a professor root so strongly for their student. She was my number one cheerleader in the course and continued to provide advice throughout the whole semester. Her enthusiasm eventually rubbed off on me and I became excited about the class. 

    From professor to mentor

    I started to regularly attend her office hours. I asked her questions about my paper and got advice on my writing. Professor Reardan had given me a newfound confidence in my writing. She encouraged me and helped me believe in myself. Her insight and advice eventually helped me to become a better writer. I also found myself enjoying writing more because of Professor Reardon’s enthusiasm. She was so excited about what we were learning which made me excited about it as well. 

    Professor Reardon is my favorite professor at Rutgers to this day. I still go to her whenever I have questions about a paper I’m writing. I also tend to go to her for life advice as well. Whenever I am stressed out about a large assignment, she gives me suggestions on how to make the workload less intimidating. We have formed a great relationship and she has become my mentor at Rutgers. One of the best pieces of advice I can give is to reach out to your professors, especially the ones who bring enthusiasm to the class. You never know much your professor can truly help you unless you reach out and ask.