Networking with Social Media

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Jessie Flamming
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Social media has become a part of our everyday lives and only continues to grow in the amount of times we depend on it throughout the day.  Sharing pictures, memories, and opinions with thousands of people at the touch of your fingertips has changed the way we think and live. Although older generations will debate that it is ruining our communication skills and face-to-face interactions they may need to look at it from a new perspective.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have different objectives, but at the end of the day, they all are used to reach large numbers of people with simple and instantaneous access. Using these social media platforms can expand your personal network and help increase your knowledge from numerous perspectives. You can share your achievements and passions with anyone  – even outside your close friend circle! By using social media for personal networking, you can almost effortlessly get new insights and build relationships with one post.

From my personal experience the best advice I can give any college student is to use your social media for a deeper, more productive, result. By creating a virtual brand for yourself you can show your accomplishments, goals, and future plans to endless amounts of followers. You never know which of these followers can potentially help or encourage you to reach the accomplishments and goals you want to attain.  People can only see what you allow them to on the internet so you might as well make it the best version of yourself and influence others to do the same.

Social Media is a powerful tool, so I encourage you to use it wisely! Posting about your goals and aspirations is much more insightful than what you were wearing to the last party you went to! Keep in mind who your audience is with each post. With a limitless ocean of viewers, your public profile is not only exposed to your classmates and friends, but also future employers who will be looking at your social media platforms to make judgments for your candidacy.


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