How YOU Can Help Save Endangered Animal Species

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Taylor Perline
An elephant in a zoo enclosure.

The third Friday in May has been recognized yearly as National Endangered Species Day! As college students, we juggle numerous responsibilities at a time. With classes, social lives, and sleep schedules often being at the forefront of our minds, it can be difficult to set time aside for causes that we are slightly interested in or even deeply passionate about. As a pre-veterinary student with a passion for animal activism, I have a great deal of concern for endangered animal species. Even as students, here are some small and easy ways that we can make a difference!

Raise Awareness

One of the most powerful tools that all of us can utilize is the ability to raise awareness for what you are passionate about. Even if your chosen cause is not an endangered species, knowing the power that is behind your voice and actions is crucial to benefiting your cause. In terms of endangered species, look towards campus organizations, local events, or even social media platforms. It is easier than ever to share relevant social media posts or articles with friends and family. Starting the conversation is often the most difficult part!

Support Conservation Efforts

Oftentimes people think that supporting conservation efforts has to strictly be through monetary donations. As college students, money can be tight! If you do have the extra money to set aside for a conservation project, go for it! For others, however, supporting conservation efforts can look different. As mentioned previously, sharing conservation projects with others to expand their reach is beneficial. Some clubs may also commit to volunteer projects that will help support conservation efforts. A favorite way of mine to support endangered species is to “adopt” animals through a zoo or website. I often give them as gifts for the holidays! Sometimes they come with stuffed animals or certificates AND the money from purchasing the gift goes towards that species! How cool!

Make Sustainable Choices

Small choices that we make every single day can help change our environment and make it a better place for endangered species. The large carbon footprint that we place onto the world can make it harder and harder for species to thrive. Even the smallest of differences like choosing a reusable water bottle or other eco-friendly products can help preserve the ecosystems that these animals need to thrive! Personally, I love opting for reusable cups and straws!

Even the smallest of efforts can make a HUGE difference! Trust me, endangered animal species everywhere will thank you!

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