Tips to Scoring an Awesome Internship

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Taylor Peck
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As I’m sure is the case with most college students, my degree program has a required internship component. What does this mean? I can’t graduate unless I have an internship for college credit before my senior year of college. Talk about added pressure to my junior school year! I needed to start searching ASAP to apply and receive an internship by the end of the spring semester. I was unsure where to start, and navigated my way through endless job search websites and school career fairs. Thankfully, by November I had locked in an internship of my dreams with a billion-dollar company. However, the journey there was intimidating and stressful. With today’s internships being so competitive, I wanted to share some tips for scoring your dream internship, (or at least one to be excited about), in hopes that your search is as stress free as possible.

  1. Start in the fall.

Many large companies have their intern spots filled by the spring semester. Get an early start and beat the competition! Have your resume reviewed and a cover letter ready.

  1. Start by attending your school’s career fair.

Even if the companies are not what you are looking for, career fairs are great interview experience. It helped me build confidence in networking, and even landed me an interview. You may find your dream internship opportunity here!

  1. Check job websites frequently.

Keep an open mind and check locations and jobs you would not normally think of when contemplating internships. New postings pop up all the time, so check back often!

  1. Create/update your LinkedIn!

If you think you “creep” on the internet, companies do it too! Keep your LinkedIn in top shape so when employers scout, they find an awesome representation of you! Fun fact: My LinkedIn profile is how I became a Pearson Campus Ambassador!

  1. Apply for everything you think is remotely interesting!

You never know who will give you a response! Even if you think the job is a longshot, APPLY, APPLY, APPLY!

  1. Take any interview you can get.

The first job I interviewed for was not exactly what I was looking for, but hey, an internship is an internship, and it’s important to keep all options open. It’s better to have multiple options to choose from when accepting a position.

  1. Keep a list!

Most companies require you to create a login when applying on their website, so it’s a good idea to jot down each company you apply for, the position, and your login information. Also write down the date you submitted your application so you have a good reference date for follow up emails. I know you’re going to apply for a bunch of positions, (if you doubt this, see step 5), so the list will be a great reference to remember where you applied and when!

  1. Have confidence in yourself!

I know it seems like you’re a small fish in a giant pond, but have more confidence in yourself. You’ve worked hard in college to built a rockin’ resume, and it will be noticed! Put yourself out there and see how far you will go!

With these tips, you will be on the right track to land a great internship! Even if your program or school does not require an internship, you should still seek one out! You receive valuable skills and insights that you can apply from your coursework – not to mention it looks great on a resume! Are you applying for an internship soon? What do you look for in an internship? Share with the Pearson Students community!


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