Dealing with the Stress of Finals Week

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Brian Weaver
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Coping with stress may seem like a bearable task, but finals week offers a completely different scenario. We all know the struggles of late nights in the library, excessive amounts of coffee, and constant fear of failure, but there has to be an escape. To survive finals week, you need to take a break; find some way your mind can forget the numbers and vocabulary pressing on the overall health of your mind. Without a break, stress can overcome your whole life. With a few tips, you can fight the stress and go through finals week with ease and peace of mind.

What is that one hobby, one activity that gives you the euphoric sense of no stress? For me, it’s a round of golf and just being in the sun on a nice South Carolina day. Outside, no amount of schoolwork can ruin my happiness. It is valuable to create the time to do the things that make you drop your worries, as forgetting about the stress is vital to protecting your mind. Oversaturation of information will not only create more stress, but it will make the information harder to retain.

Lastly, do not be afraid to get some sleep or take a nap. Too many of my friends spend their nights in the library, get 4 hours of sleep, then do it all over again. No amount of caffeine will give you the focus you need to get through finals. Rather, it will slowly break down your ability to think critically, degrading your overall mental health. Find 20 minutes to close your eyes, clear your thoughts, and replenish your focus for the studying ahead.

As much as these steps are important, there may not be feasible time to get away from school. So how do you relieve the stress without getting away from the problem? Studying for finals is stressful by nature, but there are a few ways to ease your mind during the prep work for this dreaded week. Though it may seem less productive, study with peers. Not only is it helpful to bounce questions off those who are in the same classes, but getting off topic can be a great method to clear your head. For me, studying usually takes a back seat to Gamecock football for at least a few minutes. There is no harm in spending a few minutes away from the debits and credits or the calculus formulas that are filling your thoughts!

No matter how you deal with stress, make time for yourself during this difficult week. Finals may seem like the time you have drop everything, but there are plenty of ways to clear your head. If you solely dive into your notes, your stress levels may not be healthy. Your mental health depends on finding some “me” time to fit into your schedule!


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