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Madeline Beavis
A laptop with Pearson+ flashcards open on the screen alongside a red mug with the Rutgers University logo.

Did you know Vector Space Axiom #5 states that for all x included in a vector field V, 1•x = x? Well, I didn’t either prior to using Pearson+ Flashcards. That is just one axiom out of eight that I had to memorize for my Linear Algebra Class. For me, memorization is hard. It takes me a lot of time, energy, and concentration to memorize even just a short list of definitions. I find that making flashcards is a great way to practice and make sure I’m ready for my next exam, and where better to turn to than Pearson+!

Efficient Active Learning

With Pearson+ flashcards, I can engage in active recall. Active recall is essential for long-term retention, and flashcards make for efficient, targeted learning for busy college students! There are numerous ways to practice with these digital flashcards including selecting from multiple-choice options, typing in an answer, or the traditional “flip” to view the answer. The options vary each time you practice a set to guarantee you master your vocabulary! You can even have some fun and play a matching game!

Self-Paced Learning

Everyone learns at a different pace – no need to fear timers or alarm bells! I love that I can take my time with each flashcard and think about my answer before checking if I’m correct. Since flashcards allow for instant feedback, I can focus on the material I find most challenging and review it until I reach a point of mastery, creating a more personalized learning experience. And don’t worry, you can always add, delete, or edit your flashcards with exact about of information as you see fit!


The best feature of all is that no matter where I go, I can take my flashcards with me! Rather than having to carry around different sets for all my classes, everything is now in one place and just a click away. Whether I’m sitting on the bus on my way to class or looking for a way to pass the time between classes, I can conveniently access my flashcards on my computer, tablet, or phone.

Check out this helpful video on Pearson+ flashcards and make your studying easier by taking your flashcards to the next level with Pearson+!

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