Random Act of Kindness: A Small Gesture can lead to Friendship

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Victoria Bankowski
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Life on a university campus in the heart of a city can be challenging for students who commute.

I know this all too well.  Often, I have a difficult time locating affordable parking and I am forced to park within a parking structure and that can get expensive.  I attend The University of Michigan, which is a large school and sometimes it can be difficult to find parking before class. Juniors and seniors can purchase yearly parking passes at one of the many locations across campus, but it can still be a long walk to class. In one of my classes, another student mentioned she was concerned because she inadvertently left her wallet on the seat of her vehicle, which was a few miles away.  I offered to drive her to her car.  I did not know this student well, but I figured I would drop her off on the way home.

As we walked to the parking structure we became better acquainted with one another and began to develop a friendship.   It was nice to meet and talk with someone that had similar interests to me. As we pulled up to her car said she would walk back and see me another day.  I offered to drive her back to class so that she would make it back to class on time. She was shocked at the fact that a person who she didn’t know would volunteer to help her out. 

We have since become friends and communicate often.  We spend time together in between classes and have plans to stay in touch over the summer.   I am happy I could be of assistance to this student. Additionally, because of this random act of kindness, a friendship has developed.   I have spent five months at the University and I have not interacted with anyone, other than my professors, until then.  I really feel good about our interaction and will do it again should the need arise.  Random acts of kindness should happen more often, at school, and within our communities.  A random act is a non-premeditated, action designed to offer kindness towards another.  This one action changed a lot of things about the way I felt and the way in which I see life at my school.

Every day should be a Random Act of Kindness Day.  If more people throughout the world would volunteer their services to help others, our world would be a much more efficient place. Let’s stop being angry and let’s start communicating with one another, the world will be a better place. Who knows, even a friendship could develop from it!


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