Birthday Celebrations: First Experiences Away From Home

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Delaney Stockford
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During my freshman year of college, I made many new friends, and with that came birthday celebrations. A few of my friends talked about their annual traditions which usually included their families. While my July birthday allowed me to be at home to celebrate, I realized that friends with birthdays occurring during the school year would have a very different experience without their families nearby. A birthday should be a happy occasion, not a day to feel homesick because you are away from home for the first time. So whenever I can, I make it my job to ensure my friends have the best day ever.

My roommate Julia and I instantly became best friends, and having a whole semester spent together I felt pretty confident about what to do for her when her birthday came around in February. A few days prior to her birthday, I picked up a card and a few of her favorite snacks. I woke up early and wrote a sweet note in the card and placed in on her desk so she would see it when she woke up –  alongside her favorite snacks! A gesture like this goes a long way. It shows that you care about your friends and that you listen and pay attention to the small things they share with you.

Later that day, I coordinated with another one of Julia’s friends to decorate our room while Julia and I were in class. This unexpected act caught her by surprise when she was least expecting it. That was a moment she and I will never forget. Later, I organized a small group of her closest friends to go out to a fun restaurant to continue the celebration. We took a lot of pictures that we can cherish and remember the day forever. Julia spent her birthday feeling happy and celebrating with friends instead of missing her family.

Although it was not my birthday, it was my duty as her friend to make it unforgettable and as special as possible for her first birthday away from home.

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