Play Hard, Work Hard: How to balance extracurricular activities with academics

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Carmen Bullock
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College students can take advantage of a variety of extracurricular activities to enhance life outside the classroom. Participation in clubs and organizations allows you to meet and network with others. It can also play a key role in your college experience.  The demands of an extracurricular active life can add pressure as you balance school, work, and life responsibilities.  Keeping a few tips in mind can offer you tools to meet extra pressure and enjoy the totality of being a college student.  


As the excitement to become involved pulls at your time, a strong time-management plan strengthens your ability to be active and still meet your other responsibilities.  Set priorities to create an effective management system to optimize your experience.   Some activities may conflict with study sessions or work schedules.  Weighing the importance of your priorities and measuring your desire to participate can direct how to make the most of your available time.  Implementing a ranking system helps you see the level of importance to you.  

Reflect on your activity

Consider what you want to gain from extracurricular involvement and keep those goals in mind when you are participating in any activity.  If the activity is an opportunity to socialize, use the time to engage others and offer input.  If the activity is for relaxation and/or recreation, enjoy the moment so you reduce stress.  If the activity’s purpose will bolster your network contacts, remain engaged and seek out the information that can help your goals.  

Excel in class

Since your schedule allowed the activities to be a part of your life, the diversion from course work can alleviate stress.  With a lighter frame of mind, focusing on your studies during the appointed time eases the pressure that your workload demands.  Staying persistent with your time awareness and self-checks of health, diet, and sleep should pay off throughout the semester.  If you keep in mind that you control your time, you can make adjustments during difficult moments.

With so many opportunities to take part in college, it can be easy to push coursework to the side. A solid time management plan is the best way to balance all areas to make the most of your experience.  A plan that is adjustable allows for you to master your ability to multi-task while dedicating time to your studies.  Striving to achieve balance between what you’re learning inside the classroom and what you can gain through extracurriculars will enhance your entire college experience. Get out there and join in!

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