Socializing in College: Tips for Success

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Lelisa Bera
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Socialization is a significant element in campus life. It’s important to question, however, if there should be a limit to what extent we socialize? Socialization can be a powerful tool, it opens tremendous opportunities for you. You may find yourself establishing new friendships or becoming a leader on campus. However, it’s important that you manage it, to ensure maximum success and happiness. If you make socialization a priority over your academics, you might find yourself in a crisis. Therefore, I want to share with you three things that can help you maximize the benefits of your campus social life.

Participating in an extracurricular activity is a way to connect yourself with other like minded individuals. The campus population is formed from a variety of different groups such as students, professors, staff members, guests, and community members. How you connect with them is very important, but it’s essential to stay true to your beliefs. You can meet unique and diverse individuals, no matter what your passion is. There are organizations centered on religion, activities, politics, ethnicity, and special talents.

Your academics should set priority. Earning your degree is the top goal of being in college. To do this, you need to have time management skills. Plan for each activity you want to participate in and make sure you don’t overload yourself. Know what time works best for you to attend classes and what time works for studying. The time you have leftover can be used to spend with friends and socializing.  This ensures balance and won’t create a strain on your academic goals or mental health.

Where you choose to socialize is important. Some students socialize in their residential area while some students enjoy going off-campus, such as in a nightclub. Keep in mind that not everywhere is safe and rewarding. I personally prefer to meet people in my clubs and organizations because it guarantees that we have something in common to talk about.

Socializing is an important aspect to college. You make friends with roommates and classmates. Just remember three things when it comes to your social life: academics are a priority, your place of socialization should be considered, and check out special interest clubs on campus to meet new people.

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