Mentorship in a Complete Form

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Henry Steckler
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Mentorship is a powerful word that can do powerful work in one’s life. Many people may have mentors for professional life, religion, athletics, financial management, or schooling. But what if there was a mentor that aided in all of these areas? That would be nice in going through life, especially in the first major adjustment of someone’s life: college. Through Pearson’s Scholarship program I have been very fortunate to be paired with a mentor that offers the complete form of a mentor.

Unsure About Being a Mentee

After receiving the Pearson Scholarship for Higher Education in 2016, I was informed that I would be matched with a mentor as a guide through my next few years of college. This would include my final year at Vincennes University and now my transfer transition to Purdue University for Mechanical Engineering. At first this idea made me somewhat nervous knowing I would be matched with someone who I had never spoke with or met. Would it be awkward the first time talking to them on a video call? Would we share similar interests? These were some questions that lingered in my head.

Building the Relationship

I was paired with Michael Trinchetto, a Learning Technology Specialist at Pearson, from New York City. All my questions were put to rest after a few connections. Michael and I were able to grow very comfortable speaking with each other and shared many common interests. This did not come at first though. In the beginning it was harder to find particular topics to discuss and mainly a given topic was followed. Now conversations have become smooth, productive, and incorporate more conversations past the given topic.

A Mentor and a Friend

We normally connect once a month by either phone or video calls. Along with this, we also connect by text multiple times a month. Michael offers a large amount of professional and writing guidance to me, along with advice about life in general. I enjoy getting to hear about his family and comparing differences in living in New York versus Indiana. As a mentor, Michael will answer any questions I have. I frequently find myself asking him how he did certain things when he was my age. It is extremely helpful having someone who graduated college and is willing to share the success and struggles they also encountered. He is not only a mentor to me but someone I consider a friend and someone I can talk with about anything.

My Pearson mentor, Michael Trinchetto, offers the complete form of a mentor. Finding a mentor that can help in many aspect of one’s life can be a huge aid. Michael and I have been able to form a strong connection and friendship that will continue on into the future. I am very thankful for Michael’s guidance allowing me to succeed my college endeavors.

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