College Experiences: Three Tips to Help You Succeed

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Sasha Brown
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There are times I look back at my college experiences and smile with pride. However, there are times that I reflect and want to cringe! I wish I would have known things my freshmen year that I have since learned. I want to pass on the wisdom I gained with experience to other college students so that they don’t make the same mistakes I did. Here are three tips to help you succeed.

Save on supplies

Supplies for dorms/apartments are expensive at school or on campus. Plan to shop either online with places that offer free shipping, or with a local retailer. Something as small as a contact lens case can run you nearly 500% higher on a college campus. You can also check out local pages like Craiglist or Facebook Buy and Sell Groups to score deals on higher priced appliances like coffee machines or toaster ovens.

Be safe

When you drink at a party or event, sometimes you lose sight of your true intentions and morals. This can lead to bad decision making and regret. My best advice is don’t drink, but this may be an unrealistic expectation. At least have a trusted friend keep you accountable, and always have a designated driver. 

Watch your grades

Don’t lose sight of the REAL reason you are in college – to get a higher education! You have more responsibility to keep yourself accountable in college. There is not a parent or teacher ensuring you get your assignments completed, and that you get enough rest the night before an exam. Be responsible and take pride in your academics.

Your years in college are some of the most impactful years of your life. You shape yourself as an individual and set goals for the future. Allow yourself to succeed by watching your grades, keeping your priorities in check, and be frugal with your money. These are things I wish I would have known, or at least paid closer attention to when I first started college.

Upperclassmen: Is there anything you wish you would have known when you started college? Share with the Pearson Students community by commenting below!

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