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Jessica Albright
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Students: you have a voice on your campus and in your community; it’s up to you to use it! If there is something that you don’t think is right, you should address it with the proper administration or officials. For example, I am a huge animal lover and I do not tolerate the exploitation of animals for any reason. Here are ways I learned to speak up and be an advocate on my campus.

Seek out those with similar interests

I found other students with similar interests by starting an Animal Rights Club. It was the very first Animal Right Club at Missouri State, and therefore posed challenges in getting it started, but it was well worth the feat! I encourage you to start your own club on your campus as well. Read my blog about starting a club on campus.

Identify a goal

Together, we advocated for reform on campus. We started with the goal of increasing vegan options available in our dining halls. We talked to the executive chef, and through collaboration we were able to get a full vegan meal offered at every meal of the day, including Silk milk machines and vegan desserts! The executive chef said that he didn’t realize there was a demand for these options until we showed him! Read my blog about this experience.

Seek compromise

A concerned student reached out to our organization regarding the petting zoo that was scheduled to come to our campus. We talked to the programming board that was bringing the petting zoo to campus, and they did not have any remorse. Undeterred, our members researched the petting zoo for USDA violations and found that it wasn’t even registered. That turned out to be a violation of our school policy. We were able to compromise with the programming board to not bring the petting zoo, and instead the  host an alternative event for the student body.

Look for ways to educate

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