Online Learning: 4 Tips to Succeed

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Jody Hahn
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With the rise of online classes –  you can get a college education nearly anywhere! However, many distance learners (or online students) fail because they don’t realize how different online learning can be. I have found 4 of the best methods to succeed in online classes!

Create a schedule

Once you know your assignments, creating a schedule for the entire semester can help you prioritize what to work on. Mark big projects that will be due by the end of the semester in red. Get started on them from the beginning of the term as you learn content related to the projects.

Avoid procrastination

Don’t wait till the due date to start working on your assignments. Most that fail at distance education do so because they have put off working on what needs to get done until it’s too late. This is easy to do when you don’t regularly have a class to go to, with a teacher reminding you of upcoming deadlines. Learn what motivates you and use it to keep yourself moving at an appropriate pace to complete your courses.

Find an organized quiet place for learning

Treat learning like a job. Minimize distractions. Organize your space so you have all your textbooks, notebooks, and writing tools at hand. Just because you are home and can listen to lectures in your pajamas doesn’t mean you should treat your studies like leisure. Turn off the TV, sit at a desk, and treat yourself like you were sitting in a classroom among your peers.

Get help

You are not in a classroom where you can turn to classmate to ask a question, or raise your hand for clarification. You will need to make an extra effort to get your answers. If you can’t find the answer to a question in the text, don’t be afraid to email your professor and ask. Follow the instructor’s guidelines for communicating with him/her. Usually this is found in the instructor’s syllabus. Understand that it may take time to hear back from the instructor. Use Google to your advantage to find supplemental information for the subject you are learning. There is a host of research information at your fingertips. Utilize it. Ask for a tutor at the first sign of trouble, so you get one assigned before it’s too late.

Online classes are very a convenient and flexible way to earn your college degree. However, it’s important to know there are different ways to succeed in online classes. Remember to make a schedule for yourself, have a designated spot for studying, and don’t hesitate to reach out when you have a question. I have found these tips to help me excel in my online learning!

Pearson Students: Are you enrolled in online classes? What are your success tips?

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