Graduation Goals: Finishing Your Academic Journey Stress Free

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Carmen Bullock
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As the academic journey winds to a close, some students experience anxiety at the idea of the unknown.  Like a runner closing in on the last lap of a marathon, it is time to appreciate the work you have finished and propel to the finish line.  However, as the graduate coordinates graduation celebrations along with balancing classwork  and other demands, the stress can cause elevated strain.  Here are some of my favorite anxiety-coping techniques that can help the graduate enjoy the final part of this academic journey.

Write out your goals and plans on a vision board

Having a visual chart to what you want to carry out throughout the year and beyond helps clear your mind of distractions.  By structuring good time management skills and dedicated activity toward each element on the vision board, you can visualize success. Seeing the board components and your progress marks the measurement of how close you are to reaching the goals.

Embrace options outside your parameters of study

Throughout your academic journey you began the process of specialization through your major. Now you must be able to exercise flexibility when reaching out to the workforce.  To broaden your career prospects, envision how other industries could use your abilities.  Keep in mind there are probably a variety of paths that could lead to your dream position.  When job search anxiety emerges, try to hold on to your focus, but see if other industries could use your talents.

Just breathe

Remembering to pause or meditate offers you moments of clarity.  Finding a pace or rhythm allows you to ease through the final months and tampers down the tension that can creep up when many items demand attention.  Finding a calm inner peace gives your efforts more clarity and more details as you are more assured.  

These techniques enable graduates to handle rising anxiety that can complicate the enjoyment of their final year.  Setting clear goals and aspirations steers you to transform anxiety in a productive mode.  When doubt and frustration lingers, use visualization imagery to keep moving towards your goals.  This helps you see opportunities to use your learned skills in a new and exciting way.  Lastly, don’t forget to breathe and take stock of present events.  By focusing on the present and steadying your breath, clarity steadies and balances you as you continue to the finish line – graduation!

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