Making the Most of Your Summer in a College Town

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Katie Merrick
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Finals are looming and summer plans are beginning. Are you one of the many students planning to remain in your college town for the summer? If so, be aware that the activity slows and boredom can rise. Being in a small town for the summer has its benefits. I’ll be spending my summer taking classes, working, meeting new people, and exploring my town. Here are a few tips for making the most of your summer in a college town.

Seize opportunities to meet new people

Whether you’re staying to take summer classes or to work, it can be difficult to find friends who have also stayed in town. There are a collection of people also facing classes, so it’s an excellent opportunity to make friends. Rather than going home, go get lunch with someone you see in your class! I have had the opportunity to meet people in my major I likely would not have talked to in the regular semester classes.

Get outside!

Outside of class and homework, it is important to be creative. Take time for exploration. During the school year, it may be difficult to find time to really explore the area. Take a drive, or go to a beach. With the summer sun shining, find a lake, river, or beachfront nearby. I have enjoyed many sunny afternoons with friends at the nearby river. Whether hiking, swimming, or playing a friendly game of frisbee, summertime brings opportunity for many activities. Keep a lookout for school events, or even host a potluck barbeque.

 Get ahead

Finally, spending the summer in a college town provides the chance to get ahead. Rather than sitting around with nothing to do, use the time to learn skills that may be useful in the upcoming school year. While campus may be quiet, it will be active again in the fall. Use quiet time now to prepare for the future, so more time can be spent having fun in the school year.

With the right people, and new friends, simple activities become a blast. Even a simple trip to the grocery store can be entertaining. With the proper level of creativity and some new friends, empty college towns can become the foundation for an epic summer.

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