Momma Bear: My Number One Fan

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Sarah Hill
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For many students, the hardest part about transitioning to college is leaving their parents for the very first time. After the excitement of the first week dies down, homesickness can hit hard. Although I’m now accustomed to being nearly 100 miles away from my mom, I still miss her daily. However hard it may be for both of us, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching our relationship change and grow. It’s true that absence make the heart grow fonder! Here are some invaluable ways my mother has impacted my life during my time in college:

Support System

If moms were objects, they’d be ‘#1 fan!’ foam fingers. Even though my mom wasn’t thrilled with my college pick due to its lengthy distance from home, she embraced the process like a champ! Her pride in me was heart-warming; we even wore matching ‘Momma Bear’ and ‘Baby Bear’ shirts to freshman orientation. It’s in moms’ nature to brag about their kids, and mine is no exception. I know that as long as I have her, I’ll always have someone on my team.

A Piece of Home

Sometimes home is a person instead of a place. Nothing makes you feel at home quite like seeing your mom! To me, mothers should symbolize feelings of comfort, unconditional love, and childhood bliss; things that can sometimes be hard to get on campus. Whether it’s on the phone or when she’s able to visit my campus, seeing her familiar face takes me back to fun days and stress-free nights. I can’t help but feel tranquil and safe when she’s around.

Voice of Reason

Mothers are like buttons: they hold everything together! Between late night study sessions and mountains of assignments, my judgement can get a little hazy sometimes. Since my current priorities are mostly school-related, my mom checks in to make sure I’ve eaten, slept, and given myself an adequate amount of self-care when life gets hectic (she knows I’m a sucker for a bubble bath!). Besides that, my mom gives much-needed advice when I’m too involved to make a good call. Her fresh perspective and good intentions put me at ease; I can rest assured that she has my best interest in mind. It’s great to have someone looking out for you, and what better person to do that than a mother!

A Best Friend!

Since moving, it’s easier to appreciate the time my mom and I have together. It doesn’t matter if we’re running errands or trying a new recipe: each moment is meaningful and sincere. When your time with someone is limited, it’s hard not to cherish every second! My mom is the best, truest friend I’ll ever have.

At my college, the mascot is a gold miner; I guess it’s fitting then that my mom is an absolute gem. The love and support our parents give us is often priceless, whether they’re down the street or across state lines. Never miss an opportunity to show your gratitude; pick up the phone and call home!

Pearson Students: how have your parents helped you in college? Share by commenting below!

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