Positive Impact of Technology on Academics: How Tech Saved My Math Grade

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RobRoy MacInnes
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Reflecting on nearly every lesson in school, it is hard to imagine where I would be without technology. I was fortunate to have had access to some very innovative tools. Whether it was computers in the classroom, a computer at home, or the interactive video conferencing equipment that transported our classroom around the world, technology made everything more interesting. Having access to technology and computer programs throughout my early school-age years definitely allowed me to excel in my academics.

Engaging software

Technology, itself, is not a sole motivator. It’s the programs and software you use. It was the repetitive, progressive software solutions for mathematics, such as MyLabMath, that helped me master my coursework. Without having to re-read chapters redundantly or having a teacher try to explain it to me after class, I was able to work at my own pace. Repeatedly solving problems, walking through examples step-by-step, and making it easier to input math symbols in the answer boxes made it far more engaging than writing on a scratch sheet of paper.

Individualized learning

Programs should challenge you. Memorization has never been my strong suit. However, practice by repetition has allowed me to excel in mathematics and grow to enjoy its applications in my life and continued studies. Mathematics software solutions, such as MyLabMath, allow students to get attention where they need it, without taking away from students around them. A teacher can only focus on so many students at one time, especially if they are at different learning levels and speeds. Using machine learning, online courseware can tailor your study material to the problem and concept areas where you’re struggling. If a particular homework problem keeps eluding you, similar questions with different variables will be presented until you have mastered the concept.

Accommodating learning preferences

This is not to say I didn’t have moments where I stumbled. My first entirely online math course was Geometry in 8th grade. Without a structured due date for assignments, I failed to keep up, and inevitably had to drop the class.  Now in college, I am thankful for such programs. The online MyLabMath environments offer achievement badges, due dates, reminders, and suggestions on areas to study before your next test. The best part of all of this is that the teacher is reserved for questions when needed, but is not troubled with supplying endless amounts of time helping students who just need more practice. I am obviously bias towards the features that compliment my method of learning, but technology allows us to accommodate more learning preferences than ever before.

Students, Do you think technology has impacted your academic career? Please share by commenting below!

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