Interview Tips: It's All About Your Mindset

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Avni Bali
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As a junior in college, all I can say is that interviews never really get easy; but your ability to make it through one does. Every interview will make you feel nervous and stressed. You will feel as if this is the only moment that will determine your success or failure. I have learned that interviews are not the end and you can actually learn something from each one. The secret to interview success is all about preparing and gaining confidence in yourself.

Boost self confidence

A weak mindset allows negative thoughts in. So it is essential to value your own talents before even thinking about what others think about you. Your confidence is the backbone to your interview. No question or answer will be wrong because you believe in what you are saying.


One important thing I have learned from my interview experiences is that knowing the job and company is helpful. It just may be a first round interview, but knowing the depths of a company will not only give you confidence to talk about the position but also allow you to ask stronger questions. It will also show the recruiter that you know what you’re saying and that you did your homework.

Remember – it’s a conversation

Every recruiter will be different. Some might not show any enthusiasm and some may be very interactive. Maintain the conversation environment. Do not be scared to be light-hearted occasionally or to throw in a personal yet professional comment about something other than the job. Walking into the room is not just about the company evaluating you, but also about you evaluating the company.

Finish strong

In the end, interviews can be hard and each one will be so different than the other. It is all about remaining strong and confident about your skills and experience while believing that you are a strong candidate. Aim to show your skill, personality and talent in the room. It is easier said than done but it’s just the initial push to forget the nerves and be present in the moment. The recruiter has something to lose, not you. If they do not connect with you, then they lost a great opportunity on working with an amazing candidate. However, for you there are so many options still open.

My interview experiences have taught me a lot and have helped me improve as a person. I have learned how to be quick on my feet, build answers on the spot, and how to connect my advance research to talking points during the interview. I could never say I “regret” an interview because, from my worst to my best experiences, I have learned something from each one – things that no one or no opportunity could take away from me.


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