Mastering Environmental Science: A Key to Success

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Teyana Pryor
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As a Business Management major, I will admit that science is not my best subject. In fact, it’s my least favorite subject. But it is a general graduation requirement for my degree so I chose to take Environmental Science. I was prepared to struggle a little in this course but soon became aware of a tool that helped me achieve my goal of making an A.

A Financial Perk

I registered for Science 1101 for Fall 2017 and we had to use Pearson’s Mastering Environmental Science to complete our homework. I wasn’t aware of the length of time that I would receive access, until I registered for 1102 the next semester (Spring 2018) and discovered that I did not have to purchase another access code! Any college student knows the financial struggle behind purchasing access codes. Other products would have only given me access until a few weeks after the end of the semester. I purchased Mastering Environmental Science one time in August 2017 and I have access to it until February 2019. THAT IS INCREDIBLE and music to any college students’ ears! It was one less item I had to worry about purchasing and one step closer to success in my science course. If your university has similar requirements, take the courses back to back to save money! That is, hands down, one of the biggest perks of Pearson’s products.

What helped the most

The Study Area within Mastering Environmental Science was the biggest help while taking these courses. It tested my knowledge on a topic by providing multiple opportunities to get the questions right. At the end, it would show me which topics I mastered and the ones I needed to work on a little more. It definitely helped that the professor pulled test questions from the homework as well. Regardless of which section I was in, there was always a button to refer to the eText, and it opened in a new tab so I could have it right beside the window that my homework was on.

I did take both of my required science courses back-to-back and I made A’s in both courses. I even commended the department on making the decision to use Pearson as their access to homework online. Any student should consider using Pearson products for their classes, regardless of whether they are required or not. There are study tools within the product that ensure that you are prepared for exams and are studying the materials in an efficient manner. I can confidently say that Mastering Environmental Science played a major role in my success in science 1101 and 1102.