Evaluating electives

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Davki Patel
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At most schools students have the chance to choose the electives they take for their majors, which is why it’s super important to pick electives that will positively impact your education.  When it comes time for you pick elective classes for your next semester schedule, here are three things to keep in mind.

Consider your future.

Electives give you a good insight on what you may like or dislike and some insight on what you might want to pursue in your future as well. Pick an elective that can give you hands-on experience as to whether you really wish to make a career out of something or not.

Dig into your passions.

Sometimes you can choose a “just for fun” course. You can explore new subject areas which could alter your career path or simply lead to a lifelong hobby.

Complement your major.

If you want a well-rounded resume after you graduate, consider taking classes that will complement your major. For example, if you are a marketing major, use this opportunity to refine some Photoshop skills with a graphic design elective. If you are an education major but never had to take a foreign language, go for the Spanish class –  you won’t become fluent in one semester, but at least you will pick up some vocabulary and basic grammar formulations that can help you later on.

Elective courses are an essential part of your college career. You will hopefully have the chance to pick at least a few electives and therefore I encourage you to make the most of the experience. Whether you choose an elective based on your future plans, your passion, or adding to your resume – make sure the elective class is something you will enjoy that next semester.