Seizing the opportunity to study abroad

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Teyana Pryor
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The opportunity to study abroad while in college is important and should be considered by every student. You may try to find excuses, such as not being able to afford it or even being intimidated by not being prepared to explore another country – however I encourage you to seize the opportunity and do it! Last semester I studied abroad in Europe and not only learned a lot but had a very memorable experience. Through my study abroad experience, I have gathered four tips that I know will make your study abroad experience a success!

Take advantage of the opportunity

At first glance the large amount of money that is advertised alongside a study abroad program may seem intimidating – don’t let that be the factor that stops you from going! There are scholarships available to cut the cost and you should also consider financial aid. At least explore your options before you turn down the idea completely. Anyone who has ever studied abroad can attest to the amazing experience. I was faced with the same issues, but then I came across the saying, “you can make more money, but you can’t make more time”. That helped me make up my mind to study abroad!

Learn all you can about your destination