Pearson Campus Ambassador: A job that brings out the best in me

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Stephanie Carrea
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As my first semester of junior year is coming to a close, I have recently had the opportunity to reflect on my role as a Pearson Campus Ambassador. Over 65 college campuses across the country have a Pearson Campus Ambassador. We are students who work with educators, students, and Pearson professionals to help our peers succeed in their courses and provide valuable feedback on Pearson products and services. I have now been a PCA for half a year at East Carolina University, and I can say with complete confidence that looking back to my first day, I have become a much more well-rounded individual both personally and professionally. Through this role I have met both mentors and peers that have inspired me to reach my full potential. From group brainstorming to individual goals, I have learned many new skills in the past semester.

Community outreach

One of the biggest skills I have learned as a PCA thus far is the ability to make connections through effective community outreach. From planning tabling events to building relationships with students on campus, I have learned how to connect to my community. Through projects like reading books at a local school in my area, I have learned how special personal connections can be. The connections I have made have allowed me to better understand the students at East Carolina University as well as the community around our campus, and provided me with the opportunity to share how college students learn best.

Project/Time Management

Another skill I have learned is project and time management. More specifically, I have found that when given multiple projects at the beginning of each month, it is important to understand how much time should be allotted to each project and which projects are more time sensitive. Project management makes production much more effective, because working on each task in increments provides multiple opportunities to think about the project differently each time. Another advantage is that planning for an organized work effort allows me to spend time on reaching project objectives beyond the basic goal.

Critical Thinking

Strategy, creativity, and individuality are all important pieces of a puzzle that stem from critical thinking skills. I have been challenged to think about topics related to learning from many different angles that go beyond just my personal experiences. Looking at media flyers side by side and comparing the most effective presentation of the message takes the ability to think beyond personal opinion and look at who the audience is and what makes the message most captivating. Critical thinking can take an initial idea down many avenues and past the standard “five w’s.” When looking at an audience of diverse learners, it is important to understand how concepts affect many audiences.  

As I continue my role as a PCA, I hope to learn more about myself and what I am capable of. I want to get more involved in the projects I contribute to, while also thinking of my own ideas for future projects. I would like to meet with more Pearson professionals as I continue to learn from my peers and mentors, gaining as much knowledge as possible. I can see my self-improvements every day due largely to the fact that I am part of a wonderful program and surrounded by people who bring out the best in me.


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