Alternative spring break: Leadership through service

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Hannah Cote
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Not every college student goes on a wild spring break adventure like you see in movies and TV – some of us go on meaningful community service trips to help those in need around our communities.

New Bern, North Carolina is a town known for its history: it’s the second oldest town in the state, the birthplace of Pepsi, and was a battle site during the Civil War. The town has had a lot of time to be built up, but a lot of time to be torn down, too. I noticed this as I traveled with a group of students from the University of Delaware to North Carolina to spend a week helping to build homes with Habitat for Humanity. As students of the Blue Hen Leadership Program, we are committed to being leaders in our community. On our week in New Bern we were able to learn how to apply the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership Model and understand their importance.

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