MyLab Accounting: My survival tool for managerial accounting

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Avni Bali
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As a Supply Chain and Finance double major, I never liked taking classes that were not of my interest. At Rutgers Business School, however, all students are required to take two accounting classes, one being managerial accounting. This class is noted as one of the hardest classes and every student always hears, “protect your GPA, don’t take this class until you have to!”

My Lifesaver

With a strong fear that this class would probably ruin my semester, I was nervous. However, once the class started up I was introduced to Pearson’s MyLab Accounting. MyLab became my lifesaver and helped me push through the tough material.The ability of having access to the e-text allowed me to study anywhere and anytime. The text correlated to the homework, so when tackling those problems I was able to read through the material to understand it better.

Breaking It All Down

MyLab also breaks down each question into multiple steps, showing how the numbers build up. We were given in-class problems to attempt and I was able to solve them because the broken down problems in MyLab helped me understand the concepts.This was a source of confidence for me as I took the course. Accounting is not a topic that interests me highly, but working through MyLab made it easier for me to push through.

I highly recommend students using their MyLab to its fullest potential. There are so many features in there that will help you succeed and strengthen your skills. It is a tool that really helps give students assistance on topics that could be hard. The breakdown of problems, simulations, and e-text resources are the features that made my accounting experience worthwhile. For a class that was required and is one of the hardest at Rutgers, I was proud that I not only survived but did well. MyLab helped me succeed.