Using eTexts enhances the learning experience

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Brian Weaver
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As I stepped into my first college math class, I was terrified. My professor looked mean, the class had a 500-page textbook, and I was completely overwhelmed. On top of that, I couldn’t believe how much my book and access code were! Would every class be this expensive? Thankfully, an upperclassman quickly gave me the advice of buying the eText instead to lighten the load on my wallet and backpack. I decided I had nothing to lose, so I purchased the eText with Pearson and I haven’t looked back since.

Highlighting advantages

When I first opened up my online textbook, I admit I had second thoughts. I was already bad at anything technology related, so navigating through pages and topics seemed tricky. Plus, I was used to underlining and highlighting points for emphasis in my hard copy textbooks. Once I became familiar with the tools and features though, I soon found the eText simple to use to my advantage.The highlight feature became my best friend and I was able to leave notes for myself to review in the future. Having the ability to quickly mark the eText made it more valuable to me. Since I could navigate more efficiently than ever before, I could swiftly find key points that needed review.

Searching with precision

The search bar became my best friend. This simple feature is really a time saver. In a hard copy book I used to have to find the glossary, skim through hundreds of pages, and read until I found my topic. Within the eText, I can find any page, section, chapter, and topic in a split second. This greatly improved my study times and was huge in helping me adapt to college level courses. I would recommend the eText to any student who wants their materials organized, quick to access, and more personalized than what is possible with a hard copy textbook.

If all this is not enough incentive, I ask: would you rather carry 5 hefty textbooks from class to class or be able to change books with the switch of a computer tab? Save your back, save your energy, and save the world by going paperless with eText!