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Vivianna Loza
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I’ve always wanted to travel and learn about other countries. Being an International Business student, I’m lucky enough to have to go abroad. Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity that everyone should consider doing, regardless of their major. However, with this opportunity comes many scrutinizing details to pick over beforehand. I hope to give you some insight on things like what type of program to go on, how long to go, and how to prepare once you’ve decided.

Faculty Led

This type of program is the best for first-time or timid travelers. It’s somewhat structured, with still a fair amount of free time depending on your school. With this program, you go abroad with one or multiple professors that teach your course. This program is the cheapest option of the three and has varying duration lengths of 3 weeks up to 10 weeks. Here, your credits will come directly from your school. If you’re scared of venturing off on your own, or have never been abroad, this type of program is a great option to consider!


The affiliate program is great for those who want to have more independence while abroad. In this type of program, students go to a foreign school that’s affiliated with their own. You’ll still have a somewhat direct connection to your school, but will have the freedom to do what you want most of the time. Normally, there’ll be no faculty from your school with you, but it’s a possibility. An affiliate program is more expensive than a faculty led program, but generally cheaper than an exchange program. The duration is usually between a 5-10 week summer program, or a semester. Your credits will either come from your school or be transferable from the affiliate school. This program is great for more adventurous travelers.


An exchange program is what most people imagine when they think about studying abroad. In this type of program, students go to study at a foreign school with no affiliation to their own. Students have complete freedom, and no true connection to their school while abroad. This is the most expensive option with the longest duration time. The shortest program length is a semester, while the longest is a full academic year. In this program, your credits will be transferred from the school you choose. This program is great for people that wish to fully immerse themselves in another culture.

Where to Go?

You’ve decided what type of program you feel comfortable going on and that you can afford. Now, how do you decide where to go? Your school’s study abroad website will most likely have specific locations for each program, but which to pick? Go to the country that you’ve always wanted to visit. If you’re going to go abroad, you might as well go somewhere that interests you! But keep in mind that certain locations might make the programs cost more than others.

Now What?

Most schools require you to apply to your program because of limited space so sign up as soon as the application becomes available. After you’ve completed all of the paperwork, have all of the program information, and you’re just waiting for the program to start, you’re done, right? Wrong! Depending on your school and program, you may have to buy your flight to and from the program. Get this done as soon as possible. The earlier you buy it, the more you save. Plan beforehand as much as possible. It’ll save you from stressing out while abroad.

Now you’re ready, so go out, see the world! It’s going to be an adventure, make sure you make the most of it. To learn more about study abroad, visit your school’s study abroad website.

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