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Ashley Dittman
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College can be both fun and exciting, though a lot of times it can be hard and stressful. The college experience is an amazing time filled with tons of new learning experiences that can become quite overwhelming. The workload, difficulty of classes, and time commitments can bring out the worst in all of us. If there is one thing that I have learned through my three years at Purdue University, it is to take advantage of the help offered to you. This applies to several different aspects including academics and professional development.

Help in School

Purdue University is a STEM university and is known to have difficult classes, the kind that cause you to have stress even just thinking about it. I know I have had my fair share of them. Even though I did have these difficult classes, I managed to power through and get desired results just by taking the time to ask for help. Purdue, like many universities, offers different types of academic help. Office hours, supplemental instruction, specific subject help rooms, and tutoring are all at the tips of your fingers if you just reach out and grab it. More often than not when a student is overwhelmed, struggling to understand the material, or having a hard time finding motivation to push through a class, they give up. Students tend to give up way before they think about asking for help. Don’t let that be you!

Help in Life

There are more benefits to asking for help than just improved academics. Consider attending professors’ office hours and participating in group help sessions to build relationships with your professors and teaching assistants. The next time you need a letter of recommendation, you know who can help. Working with your professor or TA outside of class can also help reduce stress. Gaining understanding of a new concept can alleviate stress and improve confidence. Going to group help sessions can help you meet people you never would have met before. You find common ground in something that brings you together and creates a bond. You get better grades and new friends.

Your university and your professors are taking the time to offer helpful resources to you. They are doing that because they want you to succeed! There is no reason to be ashamed to ask for help; in the end it will help you pass that hard class or learn how to cope with stress which is only going to benefit you! Don’t let yourself fall into a bad habit of giving up. It is never too late to ask for help. Don’t let stress and hard classes get the best of you. Take the time to go and ask for help. Rake in the advantages and feel that stress go away!


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