Get Refocused for the New Semester

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Jacquie Dunworth
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Congratulations! You’ve made it through the fall semester of college. You worked hard, made new friends, and survived finals week. Now that you’ve had a nice long break to unwind, it’s time to refocus. School is about to start up again, so here are some tips on how to get mentally and physically prepared for the new semester.

Get Back Early

Classes may start on the Monday after break and you’ll be tempted to return to school late that Sunday to make the most of your remaining hours, but consider returning to campus Saturday. Having a full day before classes start will give you more time to mentally and physically prepare for the semester. With this extra day, you will have time to put your best foot forward and follow the rest of the tips.

Go School Shopping

There’s nothing worse than going to the first day of class unprepared. Be sure to buy anything and everything you may need to make your first day back a success! Buying your materials early will ensure that you miss the rush at the bookstore and get a good start with professors.

Read Over the Syllabus

Reading over the syllabus before you attend class will give you a good overview of the class and its expectations. The syllabus will also let you know of any required materials and assignments to come prepared with on the first day. Writing all of it down will make sure you already have an idea of what the semester will look like. 

Plan Ahead

Now that you’ve given yourself an extra day to get prepared, purchased your class materials, and read through the syllabus, you can take your preparation one step further and plan ahead. Take a minute to fill out a planner or calendar with the due dates of big assignments, midterms, and finals. This will give you the opportunity to plan extracurricular activities around your classes and ensure that your semester will be a success!

Other Tips and Tricks to Reduce Stress

All of these are great ways to physically prepare yourself and put your mind at ease for the new semester. In order to further mentally prepare, take measures that will reduce potential stress in the future. Try to avoid procrastinating so you aren’t perpetually stressed that you don’t have enough time. Manage your sleep so you get plenty rest and function at your best. Working out will also help with keeping you healthy and clear-minded.

A new semester will bring new challenges, but also new opportunities. Being prepared for it will allow you to make your semester the best one yet! Following these tips will put you ahead of the game as well as allow you to be physically and mentally healthy.